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Vertical Curved Inner Flap

Pin It buttonVertical Curved Inner Flap

Brass Vertical Inner FlapChrome Vertical Letter Tidy

Vertical Curved Inner Flap

Ref: FLP520


  • Description: This flap is designed to work with our Vertical Letter Plates. It covers the mail slot and bolts to tidy the appearance of the inside of your front door.
  • Base metal: 1.2mm sheet brass.
  • Fixings: Supplied with fixing screws.
  • Sizes: 207 x 60mm.
  • Availability: In stock.
  • Other info: This flap will specifically only work with vertically orientated letter plates (plates hinged at the short side). It will not work with horizontal plates fitted vertically.

Brass, 9.90
Chrome, 13.90

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