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Unlacquered Brass Collection

The Unlacquered Brass Collection is our own range of natural brassware for exterior and interior doors, cupboards and cabinets, sash windows and more. Unlacquered brass products are the best choice for coastal regions, areas of high pollution and rainfall, or even just for those people who enjoy polishing and caring for nice brass things!

Don't I have to polish these pieces regularly?
- Not if you don't want to! External pieces will need cleaned and polished occasionally to maintain their appearance but, if left alone, these products will develop a natural verdi-gris patina which actually protects the metal underneath and will not affect their operation.

Why would I not choose lacquered products instead?
- You can! However, the lacquer will eventually break down which allows moisture to get trapped between the lacquer and the brass itself. This leaves a dark pitted appearance which cannot be polished out. So, if you want your brassware to look good, you will need to either replace with new or strip the lacquer so the piece can be polished.