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Sheet Metal Work

Sheet metal is a versatile and relatively inexpensive material used in many everyday products and applications. It can be cut, folded or curved to suit many purposes.

Below are examples of typical sheet metal products we make. There are many other uses for sheet metal such as bar tops, reception counters, carpet joins etc. We would be delighted to quote for any such work.

Pin It buttonThreshold Plate

BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL threshold2.5mm Radius Right Angle Threshold PlateFull Bullnose Theshold Plate
Half Bullnose Theshold PlateHalf Bullnose Theshold Plate with Extended DropBRASS threshold

Threshold Plate

Ref: FKP005


Threshold plates cover wooden or stone door steps (usually front door steps, as the name suggests) to protect from damage from feet and weathering. They can be either right angled or curved - known as bullnose plates.

Our plates are all manufactured to order from 1.2mm thick sheet in lengths up to 1800mm in the following metals:
Brass - polished finish.
Grade 316 (marine grade) Brushed Stainless Steel.
Grade 304 Polished Stainless Steel.
Aluminium - satin anodised finish.

There are 4 shapes of threshold we can manufacture (see images).

Right Angle Theshold with 2.5mm Pencil Radius:
As the sheet metal for this plate is folded to create the step shape, it has a 2.5mm radius rather than a true sharp right angle.

Full Bullnose Threshold:
The bullnose curve is a true circle so the radius (dimension B) should be exactly half of the drop (dimension B x 2) for this shape. Please note the minimum radius (B) we can make is 25mm.

Half Bullnose Threshold:
Again, the bullnose curve is a true circle so the radius (dimension B) should be the same for both the projection and drop for this plate. Please note the minimum radius (B) we can make is 25mm.

Half Bullnose Threshold with Extended Drop:
Exactly the same as the above type but with an additional vertical drop (dimension C) extending down from the curve. Please note the minimum radius (B) we can make is 25mm.

We can provide these with or without countersunk screw holes and other options such as corner cut-outs for rebated door jambs etc. As a rough guide, you can expect to pay in the region £60-£140 for most plates (obviously depending on the size).

Please email or phone to order or for a quote. Lead time is 2-3 weeks and we will need to know the following information...
1. shape of plate.
2. metal and finish.
3. overall length.
4. dimensions A, B and C (if applicable).
5. number of screw holes, if any.
6. any other special requirements.

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Ref: FKP001


Kickplates are flat plates fitted to the bottom of doors to protect from kicks and weathering. Most are manufactured to your specification but we also have a few stock sizes available in brass (listed below). It is important when measuring your door to do so with the door closed so the plate will not overlap and foul the door jamb.

We can manufacture lengths up to 2000mm - please call or email for an instant quote.

4 stock sizes available in 1.5mm brass only and drilled with screw holes:

Pin It buttonFinger Plate

Finger Plate

Finger Plate

Ref: DFP990


Finger plates or push plates are usually vertically orientated on the inside of doors or on large entrance doors to protect the wood from damage.

Please note that we have a large range of stock finger plates available to order online here.