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Door closers & holders

Pin It buttonPowermatic R100 Concealed Door Closer

Perko Powermatic R100 Door CloserPowermatic "x-ray" view - brassR100 technical drawing

Powermatic R100 Concealed Door Closer

Ref: DST655


Manufactured in the UK by Samuel Heath.

Fitted in the edge of the door next to the hinges. Only the end plates are seen once in situ - available in brass, chrome, satin chrome and applied bronze finishes. Ideal for period refurbishments.

The powerful spring mechanism is suitable for doors weighing up to 80kg.

British Standard tested for 30 and 60 minute fire doors.

Supplied with fitting instructions and screws.

Brass, 259.90
Chrome, 269.90
Satin chrome, 269.90
Applied bronze, 269.90

Pin It buttonFoot Operated Door Holder

Foot Operated Door Holder, Brass, closedFoot Operated Door Holder, Brass, open
Foot Operated Door Holder, Chrome, openFoot Operated Door Holder, Satin Chrome, open

Foot Operated Door Holder

Ref: DST250


Fitted to the bottom of doors. The rubber stop engages with the floor and is designed to be pushed down and released by foot.

Supplied with fixing screws.

Large: 180mm x 37mm
Small: 120mm x 23mm

Brass, small, 8.40
Brass, large, 14.20
Chrome, small, 8.40
Chrome, large, 14.20

Pin It buttonDoor Wedges

Door Wedges

Door Wedges

Ref: DST464


It's a door wedge... you know what to do with it!

Available in grey rubber, black plastic and wood. All approx 120mm long.

Black Plastic, 0.70
Grey Rubber, 1.50
Wooden, 3.50

Pin It buttonMagnetic Door Holder

Magnetic Door Holder, selectionMagnetic Door Holder, brass

Magnetic Door Holder

Ref: DST213


Fitted to doors which fold back against a wall. There is a strong magnet which engages when the two parts are close.

76mm projection.

Supplied with fixing screws.

Price: 6.70 (inc. VAT at 20%)

  • Brass   
  • Chrome   
  • Brushed nickel   

Pin It buttonSpring Type Door Holder, Brass

Spring Type Door Holder, Brass, closedSpring Type Door Holder, Brass, open

Spring Type Door Holder, Brass

Ref: DST650PBL


Like the magnetic holders above, this simple holder is fitted to doors which fold back against a wall.

Made in the UK by Samuel Heath.

102mm x 51mm.

Supplied with fixing screws.

Price: 32.50 (inc. VAT at 20%)

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"Wilmac" Windproof Door Stay, Brass"Wilmac" Windproof Door Stay, Chrome
"Wilmac" Windproof Door Stay, Brushed Nickel"Wilmac" Windproof Door Stay, Brass, adjustment view

"Wilmac" Windproof Door Stay

Ref: DST057


This clever stay allows French windows to be held firmly in any position up to approx 90°.

Adjustable tension and fixing brackets to suit most doors. Allen key and grubb screw allow stay to be locked in position for extra security.

Supplied with fixing screws.

5 finishes available:

Brass (shown), 23.70
Chrome, 28.00
Satin chrome, 28.00
Applied bronze, 28.00
Brushed nickel, 28.00

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"Boot Beetle" Boot Remover

"Boot Beetle" Boot Remover

Ref: DST750BLK


Large cast iron boot remover style door wedge.

Price: 16.80 (inc. VAT at 20%)

Pin It buttonPerko Concealed Chain Spring Closer

Perko Concealed Chain Spring Closer, BrassPerko Concealed Chain Spring Closer, Chrome

Perko Concealed Chain Spring Closer

Ref: FCL100


140mm x 45mm.

These fit in the edge of the door between hinges.

British fire test certificate BS476.

Supplied with fixing screws.

Brass, 6.90
Chrome, 8.80
Satin chrome, 8.80

Pin It buttonGibraltar Door Closer

Gibraltar Door Closer

Gibraltar Door Closer

Ref: FCL250


Simple to fit surface mounted door closers.

Suitable for doors up to 50kg.

Supplied with fixing screws.

Price: 9.20 (inc. VAT at 20%)

  • Brass   
  • Silver   
  • White   

Pin It buttonOverhead Closer

Overhead Closer

Overhead Closer

Ref: FCL200


Housing 178mm, projection 203mm.

2 speed adjustable.

British Standard fire tested 30 minutes.

Class 3 - to suit doors of weight 45kg to 65kg.

Supplied with fixing screws.

Price: 26.00 (inc. VAT at 20%)

  • Gold finish   
  • Silver finish