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Pin It buttonGripneck Style Castors (Pair)

Gripneck Style Castors (Pair)

Ref: ZCW820


  • Description: Brass with brown china wheel. The male part is inserted into base of the furniture and the steel grips hold it in position.
  • Sizes: 5 sizes available (wheel diameter).
  • Availability: In stock.

Please choose...
25mm, £43.90
29mm, £47.50
32mm, £52.90
35mm, £62.00
38mm, £68.50

Pin It buttonSquare Style Castors (Pair), Brass

Square Style Castors (Pair), Brass

Ref: ZCW810


  • Description: Sold in pairs.
  • Fixings: Supplied with fixing screws.
  • Sizes: 31mm diameter wheel. 38mm deep socket with 31 x 31mm opening.
  • Availability: In stock.

Price: £11.00 (inc. VAT at 20%)

Pin It buttonCastor Cup

Castor Cup

Ref: ZCW451


  • Description: Hold castors in place to prevent floor damage. Made from brown plastic.
  • Sizes: 2 sizes available.
  • Availability: In stock.

42mm inside diameter, £0.20
56mm inside diameter, £0.30